Publicly traded company

Price: US$ 500.00 / year

A corporation whose ownership is dispersed among the general public in many shares of stock which are freely traded on The Astana Small business stock exchange

This type of registration is good only if your company is going to raise funds on the Small Business Stock Exchange, in exchange for equity (shares) in the company.

Please be aware that not every company can be approved for public listing and trading. Basically only innovative start-ups, existing and properly managed small business and other type of activities that is subject to the Small Business Stock Exchange to confirm the public listing.

Please note:

1. After registering a publicly traded company, and if your company is pre-approved by the Small Business Stock Exchange, you will be asked to pay a listing fee of $10,000 which includes due diligence. You will also have to involve your local accountant and auditor (CPA), provide local tax ID,

and appoint at least 2 directors.

2. If your company is not preaproved for public listing, $350 from the $500 registration fee is fully refundable and your company will become a traditional Limited Liability by shares company.

If you are not sure and need to know more about your specific case, please click the “support” link and ask your questions before registration.

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