eCompany is a modern corporate vehicle licensed by the Astana International Finance Centre (AIFC), to address the new way of doing business: globally, online, cross-border, and in multi-tax jurisdictions. 

eCompany enables people to set up their own companies, as a sole ownership, a partnership, or as a corporation limited by shares. 

It allows people to register a company remotely, from anywhere, to get proper and compliant verification, and immediately to get a bank account as well as full e-commerce facilities -  more quickly and conveniently than ever before. 

As a global company, every company must report and pay taxes in its own jurisdiction – that is, where it actually conducts business from - without any double taxation or dual reporting. 

By virtue of our advanced technology, we accomplish the following: 

- ​Remote online opening, so eCompanies are accessible to all citizens of the world.

-​ Verification/Approval of the Shareholders, Directors and Beneficiary Owners and the Nature of Business.

- ​Validation of the Verification/Approval by a rigorous process of advanced KYC screening developed by our Technology Partners.

- ​Full disclosure to relevant Regulatory Authorities by us operating an open Registry of all eCompanies formed, together with their Shareholders, Directors, Beneficiary Owners and Nature of Business.

- ​Facilitating e-commerce or traditional trading, with cross-border transactions streamlined and simplified by digital technology.

- Conducting only legal and morally ethical business, with full respect for the laws in the jurisdictions where the eCompanies trade and where their customers are from. 

eCompany Limited is licensed under the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) and we operate our own business in accordance with international standards of reporting, compliance, and conduct of ethical business.   

Our services are offered 100% online, allowing anyone to open and manage their business from anywhere in the world. Through our services and partner network we provide the following: 

• Incorporation of an eCompany

• Issuance of share certificates to founders and additional shareholders

• Issuance of a Certificate of Incorporation

• Issuance of a Certificate of Good Standing

• Opening a corporate bank account

• Operating eCommerce with global payments

• Providing business correspondence addresses

• Providing a Global Digital Identity

• Complementary online business services, such as accounting, financial reporting and operating jurisdiction tax filing in the jurisdiction in which your eCompany operates